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Object of the Association

The Association has been formed with the primary of objective of promoting social security inIndiaSocial security is the security provided by the State or society to an individual against social and economic distress, temporary or chronic, caused by the lack or loss of employment and the means of livelihood.
Social Security is a basic human right The Constitution of India requires that the State should within the limits of its economic capacity and development make effect-ive provision for securing interalia the right to work and to public assistance in case of need. The Central and State Governments have introduced several statutory and other measures to provide social security to the people of India but the coverage of the schemes in terms of numbers and also in terms of the benefits is small and their implementation leaves much to be desired. There is therefore an obvious need for appropriate measures to extend the coverage and to improve the services. It is undoubtedly the function of the appropriate Government to take necessary action but Government do not ordinarily act unless they are prompted to do so. Voluntary People's organizations have a role to play in prompting the governments to take such actions as necessary , in public interest. The Social Security Association of India is a voluntary organization which aims at getting the coverage of social security extended so as to be universal and comprehensive in its scope and to get the schemes of social security implemented effectively and efficiently

  • To conduct studies and research into the existing laws and schemes of social security, their coverage and extension and their implementation
  • To provide a forum for free and frank discussion on the various aspects of social security
  • Strategies for providing social security to people outside the organized sector of employment,
General Body
All the members together constitute the General body of the Association. The General body meets at least once in every year and more often as necessary. The General body elects the Governing Body, approves the annual programmes, accounts and reports. Any amendment .to the rules and Regulations of the Association requires the approval of the General Body
Governing Body
The authority and responsibility for the management of the Association vest in the Governing Body. It consists of fifteen members who are elected by the General Body. There are certain special invitees to the Governing Body
Members of the Governing Body
The current members of the Governing Body are as follows:
Central Provident Fund Commissioner , ex-officio
D.G.Employees' State Insurance Corporation, ex-officio
Shri B.N.Som, Secretary General, SSAI
  1. Sri Sanat Mehta
  2. Sri VKrishnamurthy
  3. Sri B.M.Sethi
  4. Sri N.Vyas
  5. Sri Har Mander Singh
  6. Sri T.S.Sankaran
  7. Sri R.KASubrahmanya
  8. Sri B.S.Ramaswamy
  9. Ms. Kusum Prasad
Special Invitees
One representative of each Chapter nominated by the respective Chapters or the Secretary of each Chapter. One representative each of the permanent member organizations nominated by the respective organizations Mr. John Woodall Senior Specialist in Social Security, ILO SAAT Sri KS.Chandrasekharan Sri AHamid
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